Business Idea - Digital Marketing Agency in India - Business Plan

Digital Marketing Agency in India- Business Plan

Setting up a digital marketing company is not a costly affair, in fact a simple digital marketing company with a decent number of employees can be setup at a moderate cost. But the most important part is getting your company setup in the close proximity to most of your clients. Although location should not be a constraint for a digital marketing company, most companies prefer to get services from a marketing agency that is located in the same city with good reputation in the market. The possibility of getting clients is mostly determined by the reputation your agency has in the market and your existing big clients list. The price is almost never a constraint as long as good digital marketing services are offered, and the agency works with a result oriented working structure. And has a customer centric business structure with a ‘value for money’ kind of positioning.

In this document you will find details regarding the different services that a digital marketing agency provides, and where are the digital marketing agencies most densely located and why. And what is the approximate cost that you would incur to setup a digital marketing agency at different locations in India. And you will be given the predicted cash-flow estimates and the approximate cost that would be incurred to setup a ‘Digital Marketing Agency in India’. And finally, the best possible way to enter this business and the optimum location to start the agency. And we will also provide the statistical data behind such recommendations.

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