Business Idea - Online Education - Full Business Setup Plan

Business Plan to setup the Best Online Education Company

On purchase of this Business Plan, you will receive the full details required to setup an online Education Business, along with the Technologies required and the different companies that can help you acquire and setup those technologies. The Profits that will be received and the cashflow predictions for he next 5 years. You will also be given the detailed breakup of the minimum cost hat would be incurred during different aspects while setting up the business.

When you purchase this Business Plan, within 24 hours, you will receive a info call from our representative to explain the below 3 points

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Few segments of the Business Plan are mentioned below

  • Introduction
  • List of competitors
  • How to Setup Plan:
    • Mode of delivery of content

  1. ad hoc online courses and programs
  2. fully online programs
  3. School-as-a-Service
  4. educational partnerships
  5. competency-based education
  6. blended/hybrid courses
  7. flipped classroom
  8. MOOCs

    • Ways to generate content - approximate cost: minimum (Rs.13,24,000) , Maximum(Can be anything)

  1. Instructional Design Team including Faculty
  2. Facilitators and Participants
  3. Tie up with the existing e-learning companies for shared profit
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