Business Idea - Bar and Restaurant Business

Bar and Restaurant Business - Best Places to setup, contacts for suppliers and other details

Business plan to setup 'Bar and Restaurant' in India

A Bar and Restaurant Business takes care of the Alcohol serving along with the restaurant food requirements. The number of people visiting a Bar and Restaurant are increasing day-to-day since the last few years.


When you buy this Business Plan you will be able to get the complete details on how to setup a Bar and Restaurant and what are the Registrations, Permissions and paper work that needs to be completed and also what are the different procedures to be completed to setup a fully organized Bar and Restaurant.

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This is the Business Plan with Highest Success Probability, with respect to Revenue generation. However, in order to setup a Bar and Restaurant Business we would have to get licenses and permissions inspite of high competition from others, we have explain these details also in the business plan. Please find below a brief list of the topics covered in this product:

Executive summary


  • One sentence business overview
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Target market
  • Competition
  • Company overview and team
  • Financial summary
  • Funding requirements
  • Milestones and traction



  • The problem and solution
  • Target market
  • Market analysis and market research
  • TAM, SAM, and SOM (o TAM: Your Total Available or Addressable Market (everyone you wish to reach with your product)o SAM: Your Segmented Addressable Market or Served Available Market (the portion of TAM you will target)o SOM: Your Share Of the Market (the subset of your SAM that you will realistically reach-particularly in the first few years of your business)
  • Your ideal customer
  • Key customers
  • Competition
  • Future products and services

Execution (Marketing and sales plan)


  • Your positioning statement
  • Pricing
  • Promotion
  • Packaging
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Strategic alliances

Execution (Operations)


  • Sourcing and fulfillment
  • Technology
  • Distribution
  • Direct distribution
  • Retail distribution
  • Manufacturers' representatives
  • OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • Milestones and metrics
  • Traction
  • Metrics

Key assumptions and risks


Company overview and team


  • Team

Company overview


  • Mission statement
  • Intellectual property
  • Business structure and ownership
  • Company history
  • Location

Financial plan


  • Sales forecast
  • Personnel plan
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Cash flow statement
  • Balance sheet
  • Use of funds
  • Exit strategy

Legal Information - you should know


  • Indian laws for setting up this business
  • Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2)   - Full details explained


The Product comprises of a word document with a complete business plan with supporting market information to successfully setup and execute a Bar and Restaurant Business in India.

The product also comprises of 2 pdf documents which lists the entire database that supports the statements and the statistics mentioned in the Business Plan (mentioned in the word document)

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