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Rajan Business Ideas was launched in September 2014, with a sole objective of helping the entrepreneurs to choose a successful business idea, or get their business idea evaluated and find the probability of success in the current market scenario. It has been observed that only 8% of the startups are able to sustain in India, and the remaining startups are shut down after a few months, there are several factors that lead to the failure of these startups. Our expert team at Rajan Business Ideas continuously monitors the startup scenario in India and continuously improve the Business Ideas that we offer depending on the current business market scenario. We continuously try and eliminate the factors which led to the failure of the earlier startups in similar verticals. We at Rajan Business Ideas reiterate every aspect of a business idea and try to improve the possibility of success of a business idea by putting the right strategy to execute the business. We also evaluate the business ideas and give a detailed report on the percentage possibility of success, and give suggestions to assure a definite success.

our vision

Our Vision is to reach a point in the business world where we can perfect the science of entrepreneurship to such a level where the success rate is far above the failure rate for all Business plans provided by us.

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The Mission that directs us
Our mission is to educate all entrepreneurs about the current business market scenario and the risks involved in it, and guide them to setting up a successful business. And help them take an informed decision even before they fixate on a business idea. Because, as the idiom says “A good start is work half done”. Our mission is to assure that good start.

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Being from a manufacturing background, I was worried about taking the big step to start my own business. But everything became simple by the excellant support given at every stage by Rajan Business Ideas. Thanks Guys.