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Gold/Jewellery Shop – Full Business Plan

This Business Plan is currently under development, we will be making it available for sale in a week.

Due to presence of a lot of temples in Proddatur in Andhra Pradesh, it has become a major spot for many businesses. Proddatur is also called as second mumbai, and in this Business plan we cover that best possible options available to setup a Gold / Jewelry Retail Business in Proddatur (in Andhra Pradesh).

When setting up a Gold Jewelry Shop there are several licenses and registrations that needs to be completed, all of these registrations and their detailed procedures are explained in detail in this business plan. Also full details on how to get the IE code (Import Export code) is also explained in detail. And in the segment under the employees,we covered the craftsmen skills required by different employees, the different options for the security services, details on what kind of sales team has to be setup, etc. 

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Currently the features completed in this business plan are

  • Introduction
  • Financial Requirements
  • Business Registration Procedure for the Gold Shop
  • GST Registration Process
  • Import Export code (IE code)

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