Business Idea - Ketchup Manufacturing

Idea Id 10
Posted On May 23, 2018
Price 47,300 Rs
Approximate Budget 0 Rs
Success Probability 20 %
Sector Small Scale Business
Location India

Ketchup Manufacturing Business - Full Business Plan

The Ketchup Manufacturing Business is one of the most easiest and quickest to start businesses.

The Business Idea is currently under rigorous development and will be available for sale by the end of this month.

Some of the major aspects covered in the Business plan are as follows

  1. Estimated Demand in Market ; The demand for the ketchup product comes from a diverse set of markets, like restaurants, hotels, Fast food chains(like McDonalds, KFC etc.)
  2. Cost of setting up the large scale production plant : In the ketchup manufacturing business the profit margin is very small and the high competition in the market makes the price negotiation very limited, and leaves very less scope for making profits. Hence if we decide to setup a large scale production plant, we should be supported by a good amount of loyal big customers
  3. Economies of scale : Especially in a ketchup manufacturing business, the profits made would be negligible if we start it in a small scale. And lack of profits will limit the money that you can use for expanding the business. Hence starting big with calculated risks would be the right strategy for sustaining in the market.
  4. Different options for Franchising : The business plan also explores the different options available to acquire license to start production for an already established company, which will take care of the sales, so that you can focus just on the ketchup production.
  5. Raw Materials : The quality of raw materials(specially tomatoes) plays a very crucial role it deciding the ketchup's quality. And in order to maintain a good quality ketchup, you would need a continuous supply of the good quality raw materials. This business plan also explores the different options and methodologies you can adopt in-order to get steady supply of raw materials for your business
  6. Financials : Due to the high shelf life of the product, the ketchup manufacturing business has high profit margins when compared to most other businesses. Hence reaching a break even point shouldn't be a problem if the product positioning is done carefully. And with proper execution you would be even able to recover the original investment made very soon. All the above details are explained in the Business plan 

Please visit this page again to find the brief details of the product which contains the complete business plan and other supporting field reports that would help you get good clarity on the market scenario and the GTM (Go To Market) strategy for the Business plan execution.

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