Business Idea - Luxury Candles Business

Idea Id 13
Posted On January 21, 2019
Price 10,000 Rs
Approximate Budget 5 Lakh Rs
Success Probability 65 %
Sector Small Scale Business
Location India

Luxury candles manufacturing is a business with very low investment and very high scope for expansion.

Luxury candles manufacturing is a business that has the lowest investment requirements. To start the business we just need some basic low-cost raw materials like wax, molds, scents, wicks and dyes. The skills required is a minimal amount of practice on simple tasks like learning the process of heating, scenting and pouring wax and so on.

In this Business Plan we would be providing a detailed explanation on how to setup the Luxury Candles manufacturing business at a large scale so that you would be able to start making profits in a few months. 

And also use the below mentioned 2 techniques to create a sustainable business.

  1. Economy of Scale (you will learn how scaling up actually reduces cost)
  2. Effective Distribution Network (How a well established distribution centres increases profit margin)

The major topics covered in this Business plan are as follows
  1. Introduction
  2. list of major competitors in Indian Market

The Business Plan will be available for sale from 30th June 2019 onwards.

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